Tanguay Pools views pool planning as a reflection of your lifestyle needs. Our designers will work with you to create the pool paradise of your dreams! Our client-friendly invites you to collaborate with us throughout the entire design process as we work together to pinpoint your personal style and preferences all while staying mindful of your budget.

We believe that all pools should be designed to blend aesthetically and creatively with its natural surroundings for the best possible backyard environment.

Design Choices + Options:

  • Pool Styles + Shapes
  • Vinyl Lining Patterns
  • Creative Entryways + Steps
  • Water Games (Ask us about our custom designed volleyball + basketball configurations)
  • Patio Design
  • Concrete Desks (Including Stamped)

Special Features + Automation:

  • Fountains and Waterfalls
  • Colorful Lighting – create a pool-scape night time wonder
  • Pool Heaters
  • Specialty Pool Covers
  • Security Fencing
  • Automated Controls
  • Automatic Sanitizer

We offer computer generated mock-ups of your backyard to help you through the design process!


Meticulous installation by Tanguay Pool’s professional and quality crew will oversee your swimming pool installation from start to finish. The owner, Rick Tanguay, provides a very hands-on approach to ensure superb quality throughout the entire installation process as well.

The Process (varies slightly depending upon options + features):

  1. Tanguay Pools will ensure your swimming pool meets all current building codes.
  2. Prepare the Site
  3. Excavation
  4. Erect the Walls
  5. Install steel bracing
  6. Pour a concrete collar around pool base
  7. Plumbing + Piping
  8. Apply rustproofing to exterior walls
  9. Pump exclusive aerated vermiculite pool base to insulate the pool
  10. Install the Vinyl Liner
  11. Fill the pool with water
  12. Backfill and grade around pool
  13. Patio
  14. Filter/Pump/Heater/Auto Chlorinator Setup
  15. Finishing Touches
  16. Customer Approval
  17. Pool is COMPLETE! Let the fun and relaxation begin!!!
  18. And just think, most new pools are installed in four days or less.