The Vinyl Works LogoOur liners are made in the U.S.A. by The Vinyl Works located in Latham, NY. “Imperial Pool Legacy” liners have a 20 year pro-rated warranty with an unprecedented first 5 years full! That means if your Vinyl Works liner’s seam fail within the first five years, The Vinyl Works will pay for the labor, liner and water necessary to have the liner replaced!

Why choose a Vinyl Liner Pool? Steel Wall/Vinyl liner swimming pools are very popular in the New England, where this pool type is considered to be more durable and affordable than gunite (concrete) and fiberglass options. New products and construction techniques  allow this type of pool to be installed in one week, but still provide a durable product that will last for several decades. Vinyl liner pools are also popular because of the many different liner colors and patterns to choose from. The liner offers children a friendly non-slip finish that is soft on feet and non abrasive.